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Opossums are considered pests because of their scavenging habits and the fact they find their way into people’s homes. It is common to find them in attics, wall spaces, or living underneath a house. They are not a threat to humans or pets but they can be a nuisance. Luckily when it comes to removing opossums they are easy to trap. They will easily go after a food source making it simple for catch and release. All wildlife that is caught is done humanely and removed according to the laws of the state.


Raccoons certainly fall into the pest category as they can be extremely destructive in and around your property. They can also be very aggressive with both humans and pets as well as carriers of rabies. Trapping and removing raccoons is a necessary task to keep them out of your home and off your property. The problem with catching wild raccoons is that you can likely end up with another animal in the cage like a stray cat but don’t worry as this will not harm the cat or any other animal. Once the raccoon is caught it will be safely and humanly removed according to state laws.


Catching skunks in a live trap is not the hard part. The hard part in catching a skunk is not scaring it once it’s caught as this will be a trigger to them spraying. For obvious reasons, homeowners do not want skunks nearby as they are known for their horrendous smells but they can also be destructive to property if they are digging dens and inhabiting old ones. Keeping skunks away by trapping and removing them humanly is the best option.


Squirrels are lively critters. For some their activity is entertaining but for many others, squirrels are pests just like any other pest. They damage flower beds and gardens and even potted plants. They can also leave quite a mess if they have a nut source that they bring back to their nest as all the shells will end up in your yard. Like any other pest, a live trap is successful in catching squirrels. They are always in search of food which will easily lead them into a trap and can be humanely and easily removed from your property for release.

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