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San Antonio Pest Control

Do you have a pest problem? Our experienced staff has you covered. With 18 years of experience we can handle the smallest to the largest task, we believe your home deserves top-priority service that is efficient and reliable. This is why we started Texas Bug Killers, to deliver quality pest control service that you can trust. With a team of experts and a variety of professional targeted services available, you can be sure your home will be taken care of and your satisfaction is met. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Some of the Pests We Service

Signs You Need Professional Pest Control

  • Itchy bumps on your skin
  • Dark droppings around your house
  • Dark stains in the corner of a room
  • Rice-shaped droppings around home
  • Gnaw marks on garbage or yard debris, wires, or walls
  • Scratching sound in attics or walls
  • Small blood stains on sheets or pillows
  • Sawdust around wood flooring, wood beams, or window ledges

Maintenance Service

  • Full Exterior & Interior Treatment
  • Full Year Warranty

One Time Service

  • No Contracts
  • Full Exterior & Interior Treatment
  • 30 Day Warranty