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Cockroaches, specifically the German cockroach, are a small species of cockroach that varies in color from tan to almost black. They have two dark, roughly parallel streaks running from behind the head to the base of their wings.

Signs of Cockroaches

The telltale sign of German cockroaches is the skin they shed and leave behind. Other than seeing shed skins, they leave behind a musty odor as well as dark droppings that are similar to coffee grounds or pepper flakes. Dark stains around the corners of a room are also a sign of cockroaches.

Entry Points

German cockroaches are small and are the most common indoor cockroach because of their size. They like to hide in small, dark spaces and can be brought indoors by hitchhiking on bags, boxes, and any other items that they have infested.

Damage & Health Concerns

Cockroaches can spread disease so having them in your home or building is considered unsanitary. They can also damage items like books, wallpaper, book bindings, and other starchy items.

German Cockroach Treatments 

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