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Mosquitoes belong to a species of small flies within the family Culicidae. Their name is actually translated from ‘little fly’. They have a slender, segmented body with a pair of wings and halteres along with three pairs of legs and an elongated mouthpart.

Signs of Mosquitoes

If you are noticing welt-like, itchy bumps on your skin that persist to itch for a few days it’s likely that you have been bitten by a mosquito or more than one mosquito. These flying insects will come out any time of day but especially at dusk and you will see them flying around anywhere there are people.

Entry Points

Mosquitoes don’t typically infest the inside of a building but they can certainly infest a surrounding area becoming a problem for people inside. Mosquitoes breed around water sources so if a building has stagnant water or a leak this can encourage mosquito activity.

Damage & Health Concerns

Mosquitoes are carriers of Malaria, The West Nile virus, Zika, and the Dengue virus which can all lead to deadly effects.

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Certified Provider of In2Care Mosquito Traps

The In2Care Mosquito Trap is made of durable plastic and uses water with an odor lure to attract egg-laying mosquitoes. Once inside, mosquitoes contact the specially treated gauze near the water surface and get contaminated with a larvicide. The trap lets them fly out carrying larvicide on their legs. They transport the larvicide and contaminate several breeding sites. In this way, we can kill larvae in small and hard-to-find breeding sources. The mosquito also gets infected with an insect-specific fungus that kills her before she can spread disease.