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Ants are advanced insects within the family Formicidae. They are related to wasps and bees as they evolved from vespoid wasp ancestors during the Cretaceous period. Common ants within the Texas region are carpenter ants, moisture ants, and sugar ants.

Signs of Ants

Ants build colonies within lawns, tree stumps, wall voids, and other areas in and outside a home depending on the ant species. Once a colony is started they will forage for food and water. Inside people’s homes, ants are commonly found in pantries, kitchens, on walls, along baseboards, and in bathrooms. Sawdust near wood flooring or wood beams can be a sign of carpenter ants. Piles of soil can be a sign of an ant nest.

Entry Points

Ants are typically active during the spring and summer seasons. They will make their way through small cracks anywhere in the home looking for a food source. Once they have discovered a food and water source they will leave behind pheromone trails to communicate with other ants.

Damage & Health Concerns

Ants can carry bacteria everywhere they travel but the biggest problem with ants is that they are a nuisance. Ants can contaminate food products in the home and can certainly be a hassle when cooking or preparing food outdoors. Ants like the carpenter ant can cause structural damage to your home that can lead lead to some expensive repair.

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