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Rats & Mice

Rats and mice, or rodents, belong to the order of Rodentia because of being characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in both their upper and lower jaw.

Signs of Rats & Mice

Rats and mice leave an oily trail mixed with their urine and feces where they travel back and forth from their nesting grounds to a food source. This can be seen along baseboards, inside cupboards, or within walls. Rodent droppings will be seen that look like black rice. Scratching sounds in attics, wall, and ceilings or scurrying beneath floorboards and decking can also be a sign that you have a rat problem. Teeth or gnaw marks on wood or wiring are also common. 

Entry Points

Rodents can find their way through the smallest of openings. Rats themselves are known to squeeze through cracks the size of a quarter. Since they come from outside, they will look for ways to get inside through cracks and crevices on a roof, around crawlspaces, and even piping around the foundation of a home or building.

Damage & Health Concerns

Rodents are disease carriers and can be dangerous to live around because of their feces and urine. They are also extremely destructive if left to wreak havoc around a building or home. Since rodents have long sharp incisors they have a need to constantly chew which is why they will gnaw through just about anything including the foundational structure of a home.

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